Nordic Slang are middle aged. All of them have fathered children. Now they are trying to fight the slow, inevitable march of time by making music together.

The members of Nordic Slang have been in various music projects for years. Juddy Anderson, Nate Torgerson & Matt Fitzell were in Erik the Red together. Juddy and Nate played in The Trigger Locks. Matt & Tyler Sevy are currently also playing in Whiskey Tooth Revival. Juddy and Bucky Flowers played in The Late Shakers & Jade Harbor together.

The band members also played in bands on their own like; Slydell, The Watson Twins, Sundive, Paris Green, Zangiev, and O’South to name a few.

Nordic Slang started playing in the end stages of the global pandemic, because doing that seemed cheaper than buying a mid-life crisis sports car, and way less destructive than an extramarital affair. Some good songs came out of this time and they made a record; “Call it Art”.

Nordic Slang has influences. Listen to their debut album ‘Call it Art’ wherever you stream music. You might be able to hear a few or maybe they have diluted each other’s influences enough that it comes across vague.

But even if you don’t listen they will probably keep making music together, because it really isn’t about you. If you like it great, share it, they would appreciate it, but if you don’t, you probably didn’t read this far. Nordic Slang probably won’t be coming to a city near you… they’re middle aged, have kids, and day jobs.

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